Come be our Dimitri Belikov!

Name: Dimitri Belikov
Nickname: Dimka, Comrade, Cradle Robber, Anti-Social God.
Title: Guardian Belikov
Species: Dhampir
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Age: 24
Face-Claim: Ben Barnes

Dimitri is usually described to be extremely good-looking and exceptionally handsome. He has dark brown chin-length hair and chocolate-brown eyes. Dimitri has always put his duty as a guardian before him, and doesn’t smile much, unless he is around people he is fond of. 

He still holds large amounts of guilt because of his friend, and previous charge, Ivan. And also what he has done to his Roza as Strigoi, but Dimitri is happy to have her with him and thankful to have a second chance as a dhampir.

Dimitri is happy to be in Russia, but is aware Rose isn’t too happy to be here. But he’s glad to be around his family for whatever time it takes until everything is sorted out and they can get back to court- which may take a while. 

Friends: Eddie Castile, Sydney Sage, Jill Mastrano, Viktoria Belikova(Sister), etc.

Relationships: Rose Hathaway(Girlfriend), up to player.

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